Friday, November 6, 2009

What a beautiful day

Today was gorgeous outside- finally. But did we go outside at all? Only if you count walking from the car to the restaurant, and back, and then the car to the inside of the mall, going outside. Figures.

We did have fun today though. I had a day off, 2 in a row! Whooo! Anyways, Peyton and I went to lunch with my mom at PF Changs. She looked like such a little lady, the waitress just loved her. She ate her puffs while we ate our food and was soo good, I was so proud of her.

After we ate we ran over to the mall, which is right next door, to visit Peyton's best friends at Coach. Yes I am in there entirely too much, but it is for good reason I swear- I work there. They all just love her there, and she loves them back. After we stopped off at Coach we decided to run over to Gymboree, then Godiva Chocolates and endulge in some truffles- YUMM!, then we got some starbucks, my mom enjoyed her mocha, while I had an ice water. Peyton tried drinking water out of my cup with a straw for the first time. She went CRAZY over it. She kept going back to it like a mad woman, I had to distract her so I could take it away. Then we made a quick stop into Baby Gap, where more people oodled over her and said she should be their store model lol, since she looked so cute in her Baby Gap dress from the Deauville line.

I kid you not, she got more compliments in like a 3 hour span, then I have in my whole life haha. Everytime we'd walk by someone new, they'd be like "Awhh look at her she is so cute!" Yes, I know. Thank you. ;)

Then our mall trip was over. Peyton was due for a nap, although it was a very short one. We played a little bit with daddy since he had just gotten home from work, and then it was time for dinner. My mom took me, Colin, Peyton, and my brother to this Itilian restaurant called Latin King. It was decent, considering I only had a salad and a small bowl of soup. Italian-not my thing.

When dinner was over Colin and I went over to a friends house and watched a movie, while Peyton hung out with my mom. I came home and found Peyton enjoying a lovely hodge podge of snacks and a COMPLETE mess! Oh em gee. She was still cute though! :P

And well even though it is almost 1 am and Peyton has only had a 30 min nap tops, our night is still not over. This child will not sleep. She is currently spazzing out pounding on a box, and squeaking at the top of her lungs. Trust me we've tried the bath, book, bottle, bed thing tonight- failed. She is one who cannot be scheduled. Lovely.

Tomorrows post will probably be shorter. I won't get to spend as much time with her sadly. I have to work, so my mom is taking her to go watch my sisters State Solo, for her highschool dance team. Fun day for her, haha.

Until tomorrow <3

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