Monday, November 9, 2009

Peyton's first time to the park & Standing on her own

Whooo what a day.

So since the weather has been AMAZING the last few days, and I had the day off, I was determined to take Peyton to the park for the first time. It was a major fail sadly. Colin didn't get home from work until 3, and we didn't end up leaving the house until 4 and the sun had already started to set, so it was getting a little to chilly for miss Peyton. I did get a few decent pictures in the 5 minutes we were there though, I am hoping its nice tomorrow so we can go back.

Later in the day, we changed into something a little more comfortable, and something that matched her adorable new bow that we just got. Well, while I was taking pictures I FINALLY got pictures of her standing up all on her own! She is such a big girl!! I can't believe it! She has been standing on her own longer and longer and I finally got a picture of it. I think you can imagine how happy this made me! :) I am soo proud of her!

Then tonight my cousins, one of them being her Godmother, came into town and we had dinner with them. Peyton is at that stage, where if she doesn't know you that well, hasn't ever met you, or if I leave her alone with someone new, she freaks out and will cry. Well she hasn't seen my cousins in quite a while, so she was a little shaky with them at first and was crying a little, even though I was right there. So we were at dinner, and she was sitting in her highchair, finally calm and having fun with my cousins, when our waiter comes over and starts touching Peyton. Of course she starts crying and freaking out. Sooo I calm her down, well then the waiter comes back and touches her AGAIN! She started freaking out crying again, I got her calmed down and what happends?? DING DING DING he touches her YET AGAIN! Like seriously how much common sense do you have to lack to keep doing that?? He did it like every 5 minutes the entire meal. I was soo irritated. Like how rude of him. And here is the kicker. He tried to PICK HER UP out of my hands while I was holding her, and tried to take her and hold her. I was like " UHHH NO!" like really, why would you think she wants to come to you, when you have been making her cry alll night.

Sorry for the vent, just my big irritation of the night. Some people have no respect.

To top the evening off, Peyton and I met up with Colin at his friends house to watch the Denver Bronco game. We had a lot of fun, Peyton played a lot, and wore herself out, and well, pigs are flying again tonight because she was asleep before midnight. This is a rare occurence here folks! Whooo!


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