Monday, November 9, 2009


What a busy weekend. Sheesh. Not much to blog about, I hardly even saw my wittle princess :(

I had to work on Saturday, so she spent the entire day with my mom. My sister had State Solo for her highschool dance team, so Peyton tagged along. From the reports she had fun!

Today ( Sunday) I had to work again. Peyton spent the morning with daddy, and then my mom took her out to lunch. My grandma and aunt ended up coming into town so Peyton go to see them again too. She wouldn't let my grandma hold her for an hour until she got a little used to her. Peyton is sooo sensitive to new people holding her. If Me, Colin, my mom and siblings, or his mom/dad/siblings, are not around, and she is near "strangers", all hell breaks loose. She starts bawling and screaming- so sad. :(

Colin and I met up with my mom and Peyton at dinner, we went to Hu Hot, a mongolian grill near our house. Peyton went CRAZY over my noodles. Man if you could have only heard her. She was freaking out. She refused to eat her puffs and just wanted my food. Ohh jeeeze, these times have already begun. Yippee.

Later in the night Peyton and I played Peek A Boo. She was laughing sooo hard. Gosh it was fun, I love making her laugh, she has the cutest laugh ever.

Then apparently pigs learned to fly, because Peyton went to bed 2 hours before she usually does! YES! I couldn't believe it! Now if I could just get her to sleep in her own bed. Hmmm.

Night! <3

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