Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was a boring no good lazy day. So much for my hopes of getting Peyton to the park today. I woke up feeling awful so we just lounged around the house.

Peyton played a lot with me and Colin, and had a yummy snack time with her Gerber Graduates Lil' Crunchies -Veggie dip. It is actually pretty good. She LOVES them!

At 5 I had to go to work, so Colin took Peyton over to his parents, so she could see Grandma and Grandpa. She had fun apparently, she usually does when she goes over there.

Now boo is playing with my sister, since she didn't see her all day, and then it will be bath and bed time!

Sorry for such a short post, but we really did absolutely nothing today haha.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Peyton's first time to the park & Standing on her own

Whooo what a day.

So since the weather has been AMAZING the last few days, and I had the day off, I was determined to take Peyton to the park for the first time. It was a major fail sadly. Colin didn't get home from work until 3, and we didn't end up leaving the house until 4 and the sun had already started to set, so it was getting a little to chilly for miss Peyton. I did get a few decent pictures in the 5 minutes we were there though, I am hoping its nice tomorrow so we can go back.

Later in the day, we changed into something a little more comfortable, and something that matched her adorable new bow that we just got. Well, while I was taking pictures I FINALLY got pictures of her standing up all on her own! She is such a big girl!! I can't believe it! She has been standing on her own longer and longer and I finally got a picture of it. I think you can imagine how happy this made me! :) I am soo proud of her!

Then tonight my cousins, one of them being her Godmother, came into town and we had dinner with them. Peyton is at that stage, where if she doesn't know you that well, hasn't ever met you, or if I leave her alone with someone new, she freaks out and will cry. Well she hasn't seen my cousins in quite a while, so she was a little shaky with them at first and was crying a little, even though I was right there. So we were at dinner, and she was sitting in her highchair, finally calm and having fun with my cousins, when our waiter comes over and starts touching Peyton. Of course she starts crying and freaking out. Sooo I calm her down, well then the waiter comes back and touches her AGAIN! She started freaking out crying again, I got her calmed down and what happends?? DING DING DING he touches her YET AGAIN! Like seriously how much common sense do you have to lack to keep doing that?? He did it like every 5 minutes the entire meal. I was soo irritated. Like how rude of him. And here is the kicker. He tried to PICK HER UP out of my hands while I was holding her, and tried to take her and hold her. I was like " UHHH NO!" like really, why would you think she wants to come to you, when you have been making her cry alll night.

Sorry for the vent, just my big irritation of the night. Some people have no respect.

To top the evening off, Peyton and I met up with Colin at his friends house to watch the Denver Bronco game. We had a lot of fun, Peyton played a lot, and wore herself out, and well, pigs are flying again tonight because she was asleep before midnight. This is a rare occurence here folks! Whooo!



What a busy weekend. Sheesh. Not much to blog about, I hardly even saw my wittle princess :(

I had to work on Saturday, so she spent the entire day with my mom. My sister had State Solo for her highschool dance team, so Peyton tagged along. From the reports she had fun!

Today ( Sunday) I had to work again. Peyton spent the morning with daddy, and then my mom took her out to lunch. My grandma and aunt ended up coming into town so Peyton go to see them again too. She wouldn't let my grandma hold her for an hour until she got a little used to her. Peyton is sooo sensitive to new people holding her. If Me, Colin, my mom and siblings, or his mom/dad/siblings, are not around, and she is near "strangers", all hell breaks loose. She starts bawling and screaming- so sad. :(

Colin and I met up with my mom and Peyton at dinner, we went to Hu Hot, a mongolian grill near our house. Peyton went CRAZY over my noodles. Man if you could have only heard her. She was freaking out. She refused to eat her puffs and just wanted my food. Ohh jeeeze, these times have already begun. Yippee.

Later in the night Peyton and I played Peek A Boo. She was laughing sooo hard. Gosh it was fun, I love making her laugh, she has the cutest laugh ever.

Then apparently pigs learned to fly, because Peyton went to bed 2 hours before she usually does! YES! I couldn't believe it! Now if I could just get her to sleep in her own bed. Hmmm.

Night! <3

Friday, November 6, 2009

What a beautiful day

Today was gorgeous outside- finally. But did we go outside at all? Only if you count walking from the car to the restaurant, and back, and then the car to the inside of the mall, going outside. Figures.

We did have fun today though. I had a day off, 2 in a row! Whooo! Anyways, Peyton and I went to lunch with my mom at PF Changs. She looked like such a little lady, the waitress just loved her. She ate her puffs while we ate our food and was soo good, I was so proud of her.

After we ate we ran over to the mall, which is right next door, to visit Peyton's best friends at Coach. Yes I am in there entirely too much, but it is for good reason I swear- I work there. They all just love her there, and she loves them back. After we stopped off at Coach we decided to run over to Gymboree, then Godiva Chocolates and endulge in some truffles- YUMM!, then we got some starbucks, my mom enjoyed her mocha, while I had an ice water. Peyton tried drinking water out of my cup with a straw for the first time. She went CRAZY over it. She kept going back to it like a mad woman, I had to distract her so I could take it away. Then we made a quick stop into Baby Gap, where more people oodled over her and said she should be their store model lol, since she looked so cute in her Baby Gap dress from the Deauville line.

I kid you not, she got more compliments in like a 3 hour span, then I have in my whole life haha. Everytime we'd walk by someone new, they'd be like "Awhh look at her she is so cute!" Yes, I know. Thank you. ;)

Then our mall trip was over. Peyton was due for a nap, although it was a very short one. We played a little bit with daddy since he had just gotten home from work, and then it was time for dinner. My mom took me, Colin, Peyton, and my brother to this Itilian restaurant called Latin King. It was decent, considering I only had a salad and a small bowl of soup. Italian-not my thing.

When dinner was over Colin and I went over to a friends house and watched a movie, while Peyton hung out with my mom. I came home and found Peyton enjoying a lovely hodge podge of snacks and a COMPLETE mess! Oh em gee. She was still cute though! :P

And well even though it is almost 1 am and Peyton has only had a 30 min nap tops, our night is still not over. This child will not sleep. She is currently spazzing out pounding on a box, and squeaking at the top of her lungs. Trust me we've tried the bath, book, bottle, bed thing tonight- failed. She is one who cannot be scheduled. Lovely.

Tomorrows post will probably be shorter. I won't get to spend as much time with her sadly. I have to work, so my mom is taking her to go watch my sisters State Solo, for her highschool dance team. Fun day for her, haha.

Until tomorrow <3

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peyton's Bows!

I am OBSESSED with buying bows for Peyton! She can never have enough bows, and I am super picky!

If you are as bow obsessed as me then I have the right bow makers for you!

First off, is this lovely bow maker Ashley. This is her boutique- http://littlesprinklesboutique.com/. She is seriously AMAZING, her bows are my favorite!

Next is Mindy! She is also amazing! I recently received and adorable korker bow that she made for me because I was scammed out of bows and money from a previous bow maker I used to buy from. It is cuter than I could have even imagined. Check her out on myspace- http://myspace.com/sodelicousbows

Sammie is another bow making friend of mine. I recently put in an order with her, and am SO excited to get it! Her bows are great! Here is her website http://www.bowchicboutique.com/

Rach is the clippie QUEEN! I cannot wait for Peyton to get hair so I can order from her! Seriously, you name it, she can make it. I love her work! http://www.myspace.com/r8chlbaby926

Now with all of these bows you are bound to need a bow holder! Well do I ever have the perfect bow holder maker for you! Her skill blows me away! I can't wait to put in an order with her!
Her name is Kari, I love her to death, she is so sweet, and soo extremely talented! http://www.etsy.com/shop/EllaBellaBabytique

Hope that gives you all some good ideas! Happy shopping!

Welcome to all things Peyton

This is the new blog devoted to my beautiful daughter Peyton.

Ok so to start- she is 8 months old. She was born on February 23, 2009. Peyton is my heart and sole, along with her father. I don't know what I would do without either of them. Her and her dad are the absolute cutest things together, he is so great with her. His name is Colin, so when I just say his name you'll know who he is.
Peyton is amazing me each and every day, and learning SOO many new things. She is currently walking like a pro, pulling herself up to stand on EVERYTHING, and trying to stand on her own for a few seconds at a time.

Peyton has FOUR teeth already! The bottom two are completely through, and the top two are just now cutting. It is sooo exciting! She hasn't even been cranky throughout the whole teething process, which is amazing! I was picturing a nightmare.

Two days ago Peyton had her first big boo boo. She pulled herself up on the coffee table, lost her balance and smacked her mouth on it. She was screaming and bleeding, and I was all alone, having never dealt with anything like this before, and naturally completely freaked out! I calmed her down, called Colin at work, and he came home early and we took her to the doctor. Of course she was fine, which is what I figured, but you know, first big owie = pointless trip to the doctors. Oh well, my peace of mind was well worth the price.

So I think we are pretty much up to date on some of her background info- on to today.

She had a playdate with her bestie, Riley today. Those to are soo cute together. It was a panda attack! Follow her blog here- http://rileycadance.blogspot.com/.